Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Due to the current global pandemic, our doors are temporarily closed. Should you need to come by, please contact the office. Thanks!



Escalating the importance of safety for both the public and our members.

Elevating the quality and performance of our installations and service that we provide.

Providing our members with an  excellent education & apprenticeship program.

Producing Journeyman that are bar none the best in the industry.

Uniting to build a better future.




Mike Savoie

Vice President

Tony Sarga

Financial Secretary

Scott McGovern


Recording Secretary

Mike Frank


Trevor Lyseng

In The Office

Business Manager

Graham Fitzsimmons

Business Representative

Don Ireland

Office Administrator

Kayleen Paul

Executive Board

Chris Parker

Scott Graham

Russ Foster

Kevin Smith

Dustin Dollar



Keon Seto

John Munday

Mike Doktor

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**We are not currently accepting any resumes at this time. 

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